Good Governance that provides equal opportunities for all communities in the North Western Province


Facilitate to empower the participatory and democratic development process of local authorities to improve the quality of life of people of NWP by providing needed resources legal advice, policy guidance, monitoring and coordination support.

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Statement of the Commissioner of Local Government of North Western

I am very satisfied about the present situation of social welfare programmes , follow-ups and providing facilities to the Local Authorities by the Department of Local Government (NWP).

Development of Information technology in present situation is very satisfying. It is a must for the public sector Organizations to deliver services to the society efficiently and effectively.

I also like to thank Honorable Governor, secretary of Chief Ministry and Chief Secretary for the guidance and commitment towards the betterment of the Department and Local Authority system. I wish all success.

H.M. Sanjeewani Herath
Commissioner of Local Government (NWP)    

Provincial Departments of North Western Province