Procedure Manual

It was observed that the client has to face various difficulties due to the use of different methods by local authorities in the north western province. There is no uniform common procedure manual that can be used by all local authorities when they provide any service to the public client.

Therefore, the former Honorable Governor (NWP) – Mr. Raja Kollure, the present Honorable Governor (NWP) – Mr. Admiral of the Fleet Wasantha Karannagoda, Chief Secretary (NWP) – Mr. P.B.M. Sirisena and Secretary of the Chief Ministry (NWP) – Mrs. R.M.R.M. Rathnayaka guided us to establish one common procedure manual for al LA’s in North Western province.

As a collective effort of the Department of Local Government, we were able to print the “Procedure Manual – 2021” as a common guiding handbook to guide the local authorities in the North Western province with 05 volumes as Institutions Division, Accounts Division, Revenue Division, Community Development Division and Technical Division and it was published on 14th October 2022 headed by the Secretary of the Chief Ministry (NWP) – Mrs. R.M.R.M. Rathnayaka.

And also I take this time as an opportunity to appreciate Former Commissioners of the Department of Local Government (NWP) – Mr. H.M.B.P. Herath, Mr. I.M.I. Ilangakoon, Deputy / Assistant Commissioners, Assistant Director (Planning), Engineers, Accountant, Administrative Officer, Investigation Officers, Community Development Officers, Technical Officers, and Secretaries of Local Authorities including all those who supported to make success this work a reality.

Finally, I am happy to mention that the resource person, retired officer of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service and Former Municipal Commissioner of Municipal Council of Kaduwela – Mr. Gamini Gunasekara, Chief Executive Officer of Federation of Sri Lankan Local Government Authorities – Mrs. Hemanti Gunasekara led to the completion of this work.

(You can download the necessary procedures and related forms from the following extensions.)